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Mine: 5awzCrystal Structure of the Cell-Free Synthesized Membrane Protein, Acetabularia Rhodopsin I, at 1.57 angstrom
replaces: '3wt8'

Functional Information from GO Data

A0005216molecular_functionion channel activity
A0016021cellular_componentintegral component of membrane
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Functional Information from PDB Data

site_idtypeNumber of ResiduesDetails
AC1SITE9binding site for residue RET A 301
AC2SITE8binding site for residue OLB A 302
AC3SITE3binding site for residue D12 A 303
AC4SITE1binding site for residue D12 A 304
AC5SITE2binding site for residue D10 A 305
AC6SITE3binding site for residue D10 A 306
AC7SITE3binding site for residue OCT A 309
AC8SITE2binding site for residue C14 A 310
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Functional Information from PDB atom coordinates for the "HETATM" binding sites

site_idtypeNumber of ResiduesDetails
D10_5awz_A_307binding site7DECANE binding site
D10_5awz_A_306binding site3DECANE binding site
OLB_5awz_A_302binding site14(2S)-2,3-dihydroxypropyl (9Z)-octadec-9-enoate binding site
RET_5awz_A_301binding site21RETINAL binding site
OCT_5awz_A_308binding site6N-OCTANE binding site
D12_5awz_A_303binding site6DODECANE binding site
C14_5awz_A_310binding site11TETRADECANE binding site
D10_5awz_A_305binding site5DECANE binding site
OCT_5awz_A_309binding site1N-OCTANE binding site
D12_5awz_A_304binding site8DODECANE binding site
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Functional Information from SwissProt/UniProt

site_idtypeNumber of ResiduesDetails
SWS_FT_FI1Transmembrane region(TRANSMEM)158Helical. {ECO:0000256|SAM:Phobius}.
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