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Mine: 3aizCrystal structure of PCNA2-PCNA3 complex from Sulfolobus tokodaii (P21212)


Chain IDDescriptionTypeChain
Formula weightNumber of moleculesDB Name (Accession)Biological sourceDescriptive key words
A,BDNA polymerase sliding clamp B
sequence information (FASTA format)
polymer24827574.62UniProt (Q975M2)
PFam (PF00705)
PFam (PF02747)
Sulfolobus tokodaii [273063]
  • PCNA2, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen homolog B, PCNA B
  • C,DDNA polymerase sliding clamp C
    sequence information (FASTA format)
    polymer24627459.62UniProt (Q973F5)
    PFam (PF00705)
    PFam (PF02747)
    Sulfolobus tokodaii [273063]
  • PCNA3, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen homolog C, PCNA C
  • SULFATE IONnon-polymer
    96.16 Ligand (SO4)

    18.041 Ligand (HOH)

    *Structure Details of each chain are shown in the Strcuture Details page of each chain having the different PDBID.

    Contents of the asymmetric unit

    Polymers Number of Chains 4
    Total molecular weight 110068.4
    Non-Polymers* Number of Molecules 6
    Total molecular weight 576.6
    All* Total molecular weight 110645.0
    *Water molecules are not included.


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